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Hello, I'm new here.

on 6/22/2016, 2:17 pm
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Hello Cloud's Observatory members,

My username is Unoriginal Username. I train amiibo.

See you all on here soon!

List of amiibo:
-Mario = DoTheMario
-Lucario = #GEN4SUCKS
-PAC-MAN = Hirohito
-R.O.B. = Bumblebee
-Mr. Game & Watch = Blacktimus
-Duck Hunt = Rushmore
-Ganondorf = Megatron
-Dr. Mario = Ratchet
-Falco = Prefersair
-Luigi = Spaghetti
-Bowser = Action2k16
-Zelda = Desdemona
-Peach = Antoinette
-Roy = Eliwood Jr
-Lucas = Rookie
-Pikachu = Voltaire
-Charizard = Not-Ridley
-Fox = Zero Focks
-Jigglypuff = Breadloaf
-Link = Mahboi
-Wii Fit Trainer = STEPITUP
-Yoshi = Yarnshi
-King Dedede = Clobbahdat
-Ike = Greil Jr
-Meta Knight - Knightmare
-Mii Brawler = Glass Joe
-Mii Gunner = Brock
-Mii Swordfighter = Frollo

Spaghetti (Luigi): Amiibomania 3
DoTheMario (Mario): AmiiBrawl Flash Fight 1!
Mahboi (Link): Blakers' Online Amiibo Tournament 2, Clash of Champions 2, AmiiBrawl Champion of Champions Tournament
KAMIKAZE! (Ryu) & Greil Jr (Ike) AKA The Muscular Headband Bros: Amiibo Characters Exhibition: Sword and Shield
THE BOGUS! (Little Mac): Stellar Twins Amiibo Royale 0
#GEN4SUCKS (Lucario): Amiibo Meta Gamez 5, AmiiBrawl Flash Fight 5!
Prof. XXXL (Bowser): Amiibo Meta Gamez 9
KAMIKAZE! (Ryu) & MegaVGMaster's ToySoldier (Ike) AKA The Muscular Headband Bromance: AmiiBrawl 14 V-Day
Tignileef (Shulk): Launch Star#1 Singles
Dojo Owner (Cloud): MegaVGMaster's Welcome FInal 3 Tournament

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Re: Hello, I'm new here.

on 6/22/2016, 4:13 pm
Howdy-do, Sir Unoriginal! 

My name is Elishima, I hope we can get along and be the best of friends!

( :le razz:)

Treat others as you want to be treated, that is the golden rule, my friends.
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