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The next Weekly Amiibo Skirmish 9 has moved!

on 7/4/2016, 10:22 pm

Now, many of you were hoping to participate in the Weekly Amiibo Skirmish 9 Tag Teams Tour. Unfortunately, due to several complications, the host of the WAS will have to postpone it until further notice. When that date is, he does not know.

Thank you for understanding.

Spaghetti (Luigi): Amiibomania 3
DoTheMario (Mario): AmiiBrawl Flash Fight 1!
Mahboi (Link): Blakers' Online Amiibo Tournament 2, Clash of Champions 2, AmiiBrawl Champion of Champions Tournament
KAMIKAZE! (Ryu) & Greil Jr (Ike) AKA The Muscular Headband Bros: Amiibo Characters Exhibition: Sword and Shield
THE BOGUS! (Little Mac): Stellar Twins Amiibo Royale 0
#GEN4SUCKS (Lucario): Amiibo Meta Gamez 5, AmiiBrawl Flash Fight 5!
Prof. XXXL (Bowser): Amiibo Meta Gamez 9
KAMIKAZE! (Ryu) & MegaVGMaster's ToySoldier (Ike) AKA The Muscular Headband Bromance: AmiiBrawl 14 V-Day
Tignileef (Shulk): Launch Star#1 Singles

mY liFe iS pAiN
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