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Amiibo Duck hunt training (and a few other things)

on 7/7/2016, 4:19 pm
I trained Shailow (Duck Hunt) to the point where she beat Ness, numerous times. then I let her fight zelda and well, her skills took a dip after that one match, however I am willing to train her no matter what might happen in the training session.
as a side note, I haven't finished training Rosalina and luma to lvl 50 since I went back to training duck hunt so I thought "why not have Ness fight Rosalina for a couple of matches until she gets to lvl 50" thus I just let Ness train her til she got to lvl 50.
I still have a Mario amiibo to train, and then a pikachu.
It's not easy training Amiibos because of the Number of problems that can occur while training them.
(I posted this just to say how i have trained some amiibos so far, Thanks Cloud for the character guides, and thanks to everyone on the forums for tips with duck hunt!)

Notable Wins
None. And it seems that I won't get any for quite a while.
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