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Blakers' amiibo Story

on 7/8/2016, 5:39 pm

Mii Gunner, 10/70/40, 3/1/3/3, No Headgear, Standard Outfit

Despite her appearance, Mii Gunner is relentless, impatient, and smart (Like me!).  She is a quick thinker, an 'act first ask questions never' person, and likes to take risks!  Mii Gunner will do ANYTHING to win!  The only thing she WON'T do is suicide to kill i.e. how some FG players are!

Oh, by the way, I'm still looking for name recommendations!


The Future Gunner was once a child, along with her brothers who were someday going to be today's brawler and swordfighter.  She took arts in Archery, her brothers in Jui Jitsu and Swordplay, respectively.  One day, a supervillain attacked their city, and in the process, killed her brothers.  To this day, she is killing everyone in her path in an attempt to avenge her long lost brothers.  Her skills have surpassed her teacher, and has dominated everyone that has tried to stop her.  Will she ever find that evil supervillain?  Nobody knows.....

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Re: Blakers' amiibo Story

on 9/2/2016, 2:45 pm
Did Blakers approve of this, or did you make it up?

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