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amiibo Nicknames Thread + Inspiration

on 7/13/2016, 2:40 am
Post your amiibo nicknames and, if you want, how you came up with their name!

  • Mario (DoTheMario): Inspired from the dance from the Super Mario Bros. Super Show!
  • Lucario (#GEN4SUCKS): Named to piss of fans of Pokemon Generation IV and, more importantly, my friends
  • PAC-MAN (Hirohito): ...Because he's made in Japan...? ...And Hirohito was a Japanese emperor's name...? (Also once named PizzaPasta because in his 8-bit form he looks like a pizza, also name was taken from a Punch-Out!! boxer)
  • R.O.B. (Bumblebee): Named after the Transformer
  • Mr. Game & Watch (Blacktimus): I like Transformers, and since Optimus was an unfitting name for G&W, Blacktimus was chosen (because, surprise surprise, he's the shade of black)
  • Duck Hunt (Rushmore): Named after my first dog, who passed away three weeks before acquiring this amiibo. RIP Rushmore
  • Ganondorf (Megatron): Named after the Transformer (first named Arklaine, a Fire Emblem OC I created at the time)
  • Dr. Mario (Diabeetus): Because I watched this video: (Originally named Ratchet, after the Transformer)
  • Falco (Prefersair): "Personally, I prefer the air!" -Falco, Super Smash Bros.
  • Luigi (Spaghetti): "I hope she made lotsa spaghetti!" -Luigi, Hotel Mario
  • Bowser (Action2K16): Named after this yearly event at my former high school called "Action". It's basically a class competition where the four classes represent a character from a theme chosen every year. In this case, I was a senior, the theme was Super Smash Bros., and our class' character was Bowser. I bought this amiibo in honor of our class.
  • Zelda (Desdemona): Named for the wife of Othello in the Shakespearean play Othello. Named so because I performed the death scene where Othello kills Desdemona. (I was Othello.)
  • Peach (Antoinette): Named after Queen Marie Antoinette of France, who (falsely) stated that if peasants were hungry they should eat cake. And Peach is usually connected to cake, as she bakes some for Mario. (Originally named "CAKE 64+", lucky that name never stuck)
  • Roy (Eliwood Jr): Roy is Eliwood's son, so...
  • Lucas (Rookie): My newest recruit, at the time. His name could've been...ill-mannered. (They were "Orphan Boy" and "HasDeadMom", respectively.)
  • Pikachu (Voltaire): Named for the Enlightenment philosopher. Plus the name is awesome
  • Charizard (Not-Ridley): Charizard is NOT Ridley. Even when Charizard uses the purple skin.
  • Fox (Zero Focks): Because he doesn't give a f*** on how he's actually supposed to fight, even when trained intensely
  • Jigglypuff (Breadloaf): Named for an "object of focus" in this school play I performed in. I bought this amiibo around the same time our play premiered.
  • Link (Mahboi): "Mah boi, this peace is what all true warriors strive for!" -King Harkinian, Link and the Faces of Evil
  • Wii Fit Trainer (STEPITUP): My brother's name for this amiibo, as it was his originally.
  • Yarn Yoshi (Yarnshi): Also my brother's, but I reset and originally renamed it to "Touch N Go", after that one Yoshi game, but renamed it to fit its amiibo design.
  • Ryu (SUREHECAN!): Because he sure can do it!
  • King Dedede (Clobbahdat): "I need a monstah to clobbah dat dere Kirbeh!" -King Dedede, Kirby: Right Back at Ya!
  • Ike (Greil Jr): Ike is Greil's son, so...
  • Meta Knight (Knightmare):  Named for that game in Kirby Super Star Ultra, but also because he's a real nightmare to watch fight
  • Mii Brawler (Glass Joe): Mii Brawler is a Mii that looks like the Punch-Out!! character Glass Joe
  • Mii Gunner (Brock): Mii Gunner is a Mii that looks like the Pokemon character Brock
  • Mii Swordfighter (Frollo): Mii Swordfighter is a Mii that looks like Disney's The Hunchback of Notre Dame character Claude Frollo
  • Palutena (Lady Cupid): In Rhythm Heaven Fever, there's this character starring in a minigame named Lady Cupid, who bears a striking resemblance to Palutena (her green hair), but shares a resemblance in body type with Classic Pit
  • Shulk (Tignileef): His name is "feeling it" backwards! Get it?
  • Greninja (Nerfinja): Because Greninja got nerfed in early Sm4sh.

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Spaghetti (Luigi): Amiibomania 3
DoTheMario (Mario): AmiiBrawl Flash Fight 1!
Mahboi (Link): Blakers' Online Amiibo Tournament 2, Clash of Champions 2, AmiiBrawl Champion of Champions Tournament
KAMIKAZE! (Ryu) & Greil Jr (Ike) AKA The Muscular Headband Bros: Amiibo Characters Exhibition: Sword and Shield
THE BOGUS! (Little Mac): Stellar Twins Amiibo Royale 0
#GEN4SUCKS (Lucario): Amiibo Meta Gamez 5, AmiiBrawl Flash Fight 5!
Prof. XXXL (Bowser): Amiibo Meta Gamez 9
KAMIKAZE! (Ryu) & MegaVGMaster's ToySoldier (Ike) AKA The Muscular Headband Bromance: AmiiBrawl 14 V-Day
Tignileef (Shulk): Launch Star#1 Singles
Dojo Owner (Cloud): MegaVGMaster's Welcome FInal 3 Tournament

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Re: amiibo Nicknames Thread + Inspiration

on 7/13/2016, 10:34 am
I'll just pick a place to start, and go from there!

Kirby Series:

Kirby (Smash Bros.) = Pancake
"This one was because of reasons. That, and I had pancakes the morning I was renaming him and some other amiibo at the time. Also, crouch."

Kirby (Kirby) = GIR
"Originally, he was named 'Waffles' as a sort of reference to my other Kirby. Then I realized this was much better and way more fitting. I'm sure all you Invader Zim fans know what I'm talking about."

Meta Knight (Smash Bros.) = Vulturine
"FYI, vulturines are actually species of guineafowl, who are largest in that particular family of birds. Their most notable features are their long wings and bright red eyes, which I thought could be referenced with the Galacta Knight alt."

Meta Knight (Kirby) = Hawk
"Y'know, my Smash Bros. Meta Knight was originally carried the Hawk name- because of his aerial tendencies to swoop down from the air and use down air on his opponents. Fortunately, he grew out of that habit. Which lead me to passing down the name down to his successor, the Kirby series Meta Knight. Even though the current Hawk has also grown out of this habit, the name has just stuck ever since."

King Dedede (Smash Bros.) = King PPP
"In case you were wondering what the 'P's stand for... Well, just ask Sakurai on his opinion about Dedede."

King Dedede (Kirby) = King MC.H

Fire Emblem Series

Marth = Marthew
"What? I thought it sounded cool..."

Ike = Bruce
"I know Ike is well known for his strength and being intimidating with all that strength.

So I named him after the shark on Finding Nemo!"

Robin = Robino
"Still have no clue how I should pronounce this guy's name... Uh, I just kinda added a simple 'o' at the end because I didn't feel like changing his name that much. It's catchy, and easy to remember! Real creative, right?"

Lucina = Felicia
"This one is simply a reference to the Fire Emblem Fates character of the same name. She also wears the Sumia alt. if the name wasn't convincing enough."

Roy = Hot Stuff
"Look at him and that cocky grin. He's full of it, and he acts like he's winning when he's losing. And the way he puts so much effort into his attacks? Yeah. He sure acts like Hot Stuff if I ever saw it. Oh yeah, he also sports the red alt. BECAUSE HE'S HOT STUFFFFFFFFFFF-"

(Feel free to interpret that in however way you like lol)

Kid Icarus Series

Pit = Upriser
"This just sounded so cool in my head that I just had to go with it."

Dark Pit = Shadow
"I dunno, he seemed edgy enough."

Palutena = Starlight
"Ironically enough, she wears the black alt. All the other alt.'s were overrated in my opinion."

Pokemon Series

Pikachu = Sparky
"What~? He's an electric mouse thing that shocks people. It makes PERFECT sense. 

He also likes corn chips with ketchup."

Jigglypuff = Popcorn
*shield breaks*


Lucario = Spike
"He likes to hug people, but don't hug him. I'm sure you can figure out why."

Charizard = Blaze
"It's funny, the name itself is actually a reference to one of my old smashing buddies from back in days when Brawl was cool. Then I just randomly give him the white alt. for no reason lol"

Greninja = Franky

Jk. Franky was a small toad and was one of many trapped in our window well. He had these weird habits of trying to scale the walls in attempts to get out, but would always fail and fall back down.

Greninja also fails.

A lot.

At least the actual Franky got out eventually and lived on a happy life, THIS Franky has yet to do anything cool..."

Mewtwo = Psycho
"Probably my best amiibo. Seriously. With stats capping at 180+ and having mobility buffs like no other, he's seriously crazy scary."

*To be Continued...

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Re: amiibo Nicknames Thread + Inspiration

on 7/13/2016, 10:34 pm
Most of my amiibo names are just puns or references to things.
Ness: Nessquik
Captain Falcon: MrFabulous
Charizard: Chairizard
Roy: Our Boi
Shulk: Banado Boi
Ryu: Rii U
Villager: Killager
Marth: Pretty Boi
Dark Pit: Dank Pit
Zero Suit: BananaHair
Yoshi: Broshi
Mewtwo: Mewtube and/or lol m2k

Currently Owned: Captain Falcon, Charizard, Dark Pit, Lucario, Marth, Ness, Roy, Ryu, Shulk, Villager, Yoshi, and Zero Suit Samus
In Training: Captain Falcon, Charizard, Roy, and Villager
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Re: amiibo Nicknames Thread + Inspiration

on 7/16/2016, 8:19 pm

I have... A ton of amiibo, tons of duplicates for different sets, many still un-named.

So I guess for the most part I'll begin by saying my 'Collection' is just default costumes named after the character, space permitting, and I intend on training Vanilla with those and never entering them in tourneys. Those are mostly for amiibo to spar and get the 'general' feel of their movesets.

Following the 'Collection' my intent is to make all my duplicates into cards, mostly to free space and have them be more portable.

Second is my X Series - This is mostly a 40/40/40 setup and the characters like my Collection are default colors (With two exceptions) - I imagine this as more "The original character - but upgraded" and I fully intend to make some of these champions. The X series are characters I'm familiar with and I generally play well with in Smash itself. For the most part, I'm rather selective about talking about them, is mainly because I'm planning on doing a youtube thing like some of my other favorite Smashers do playing For Glory, and I'd rather not spoil any characters.

Characters in the X Series are generally named "Character X" with some names shortened to fit the whole thing.

I call it the X series, because Melee was Smash Bros DX in Japan, and Brawl was Smash Bros X in Japan. I could have gone with 'EX' but I would run out of room in many of their names.

3rd set of amiibo are the characters I normally train anyway. Most of them you guys are familiar with - alt costumes, varied sets, and usually they have a story behind them.

This post will cover MOST of those.

Segale (Mario) [Cotton Candy Alt] - After Mario Segale, the landlord of Nintendo of America where Mario took his name from.

ABBA (Mario) [Black Alt] - Because of the 'Mama Mia' Song by the band ABBA. Mario says it a lot, so it fits.

King Kiwi (Mario) [Green Alt] - 1st of the Fruits theme. I wanted to have Green Mario but I couldn't come up with a name. Kiwis match Mario's Green Alt perfectly and pairs well with Queen Lime.

Gasper (Kirby) [Orange Alt] - Gasper was a suggestion that NoA sent NoJ for Kirby's name (Link) - one of many in fact, but Kirby was the one that stood out and was picked. Gasper was the only other one in the article that was mentioned.

Dyson (Kirby) [Yellow Alt] - Vacuum Cleaner brand. Since Kirby's the name of a brand, this is logically the next best step. It also helps create a theme.

Hoover (Kirby) [Red Alt] - Vacuum Cleaner brand. Same as the other two.

Bissel (Kirby) [Blue Alt] - Vacuum Cleaner brand. Same as the other two.

Eureka (Kirby/Meta Knight) [Green Alt - Both] - Similar to the other Kirby amiibo. Eureka is also named because of a general science theme, which helps because I love Robobot. Eureka was done mainly as a tie-in to Robobot: Eureka's both a Green Kirby and Green Meta Knight in Smash, which helps considering what Smash Meta Knight does in Robobot (Makes Kirby Green with a sword ability) while Kirby series Kirby gives the UFO ability in Robobot - making Eureka seem like both an engineer and also a swordsman.

Hail2dKing (Bowser) [Brown/Black Alt] - It's a pun on "Hail to the King"

WarHead (Bowser) [White Alt] - I thought of this as Bowser being a bomb as he's landing. This was made with a specific set in mind, a set I've talked about but have yet to elaborate on. Given his rankings so far though, I'll need to re-train him. It was my first attempt at training Bowser anyway.

Queen Lime (Peach) [Green Alt] - 2nd of my Fruit theme series, but first to be named. To keep with a theme of Peach being named after fruits, the green colored one reminds me of a lime.

SaltyPeach (Peach) [Yellow/Daisy Alt] - I'm not the biggest fan of Daisy, and I feel that she should not be in Smash. This name is mean-spirited, as it essentially makes fun of Daisy fans who want her in Smash - REALLY BADLY. But it's also one of the few things I wish to be mean-spirited about.

Nia (Rosalina) [Pink Alt] - I'm a fan of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. The whole otherworldly nature of Rosalina fits and Nia at least at one point wears pink. Because I'm making cards, I also want to do a double reference - drawing Rosalina in a pose that Nia from Pokken does. (with special eyes and Luma with a pair of Kamina Shades.

Nebula&Bit (Rosalina) [Purple Alt] - As neat as Nia is, it doesn't reference Luma (only the card will) This one is more a team based thing. Of course, Nebula is obvious, but Bit references Star Bits, which Luma shoots. It also works because the announcer does state "Rosalina and Luma"

Mr. Citrus (Luigi) [Orange Alt] - 3rd of the Fruit theme. Mr. Citrus was named 2nd, because it matched the planned Orange alt.

Dr. Pain (Dr. Mario) [Pink Alt] - Tag Team with Dr. Love. I see Dr. Pain as the more benevolent of the two - the color matches the personality.

Dr. Love (Dr. Mario) [Black Alt] - Tag Team with Dr. Pain. I see Dr. Love as the more malevolent of the two - the color matches the personality.

Diagnosis (Dr. Mario) [Blue Alt] - Kinda speaks for itself. I also didn't just want to do one Dr. Mario set or send Dr. Pain or Dr. Love alone on a tournament. (Kinda helps that Dr. Mario is still ridiculously common in my area...)

Deedles (King Dedede) [Light Blue Alt] - No real inspiration. I thought Kirby series Dedede looked silly.

Moss Kong (Donkey Kong) [Green Alt] - Speaks for itself, he's green so he's covered in moss

Mac Attack (Little Mac) [Orange Alt] - It fits the Character limit. It also seems to rhyme, which I like.

Tiny Tank (Little Mac) [White Alt] - Named after the playstyle I think fits Mac best: He can take hits like a tank and he's short.

Jerral (Link) [Blue Alt] - I don't remember, honestly. I think i got it from a name generator, but i use it on Zelda games alongside a regular Link file.

Sorceress (Zelda) [Blue Alt] - Your classic evil sorceress type of deal came into effect here. I view this amiibo as an evil character.

Guardian (Ganondorf) [Green Alt] - "What would Ganondorf be like if he was a force of good?" I see this amiibo as a good character.

Hope-Ender (Ganondorf) [Purple Alt] - I wanted my own 'Dark Lord' type of name. The dash fits with the 10 character limit.

Mannimarco (Ganondorf) [Grey/Red Alt] - Named after the Altmer Lich, Mannimarco of the Elder Scrolls series, of which I'm a fan. Ganondorf is unfortunately the closest character to match The King of Worms in terms of magic and spells. Robin also would have worked, but since Mannimarco is a powerful necromancer, and ReDeads always manage to creep me out...

Sanae (Palutena) [Cyan Alt] - Named after Touhou character Sanae Kochiya. I'm a fan of Mountain of Faith which features Sanae as a boss and I find the character's personalities and outfits are kinda similar. Plus, Sanae is a descendant of a god, so it fits even more. (And there's green hair that they share...)

GR8GNDRDB8 (Sheik) [Yellow Alt] - "Great Gender Debate" which if you don't know why I gave this amiibo that name... Yellow because it's a complementary color with Purple, for when I team this amiibo up with H20WRKS.

H20WRKS (Greninja) [Purple Alt] - "Water-Works" I actually previously designed a water-based samurai type of character before, complete with Water Swords. I might still use that again later, under a different name... Now Purple because it's a complementary color with Yellow, for when I team this amiibo up with GR8GNDRDB8.

Pyonta (Greninja) [Green Alt] - Another Touhou reference, this time named after the fan name for Suqako Moriya's hat.

Vengeance (Meta Knight) [Red Alt] - Revenge of Meta Knight influenced this, completely. This includes the reason I chose a red color.

PK Slayer (Shulk) [Orange Alt] - Pretty much a response to the idea that Shulk beats Ness that someone mentioned in an AWT. We all want to beat Cloud and his amazing Ness one day.

JadeDragon (Roy) [Green Alt] - I like Roy's green alt and fire is but one of a dragon's many abilities, but it is the most well known. And since Roy uses so many fire effects... It was logical.

Night Hawk (Falco) [Black Alt] - Sounds like a cool 'edgy' name for the black alt.

Fly Boi (Falco) [White Alt] - He prefers the air. It's another name I thought was cool.

Model#SSB4 (Samus) [Green Alt] - Sakurai has referred to this alt as "Mass-Produced Samus" - so I interpret this as a robot and its model number. Obviously SSB4 is based on Smash 4.

Baewatch (Zero Suit Samus) [Orange Alt] - It's a pun-based name. Orange Alt is the outfit from Zero Mission which reminds me of the swimsuits from Baywatch, and Bae is done because people call her their 'Bae'

Ridley (Charizard) [Purple Alt] - Because we aren't getting Ridley even though it was obvious he wasn't going to be in, this is the next best thing.

Droglokjun (Charizard) [Yellow Alt] - Skyrim Dragon Language for "Lord Sky King/Light" Like I said, Elder Scrolls fan.

Maarnospah (Charizard) [Blue Alt] - Skyrim Dragon Language for "Terror Strike All" Like I said, Elder Scrolls fan.

Orinhundir (Charizard) [Pink Alt] - Skyrim Dragon Language for "Even Hero Die" Like I said, Elder Scrolls fan.

ChromeClaw (Lucario) [Grey Alt] - Someone in AWT#6 had a Lucario with a similar name. I liked it and I wanted my own. I also think this fits given the alliteration and Lucario has the steel typing.

Rem (Jigglypuff) [Sleep Cap Alt] - Rapid Eye Movement - It's what happens when you're sleeping.

Purin (Jigglypuff) [Leaf Hat Alt] - Jigglypuff's Japanese name. Since the hat comes from a character in one of the games set in a region based in Japan, it makes sense for it to be the Japanese name.

Roudoudou (Jigglypuff) [Serena Hat Alt] - Jigglypuff's French name. Since the hat comes from a character in one of the games set in a region based in France, it makes sense for it to be the French name.

YourMOTHER (Lucas) [Purple Alt] - I got it from someone else who posted it. You could probably guess why I picked it.

C.Fabulous (Captain Falcon) [White/Pink Alt] - Because of the 'Captain Fabulous' name based around this alt.

SwagOnEm (Captain Falcon) [Light Blue Alt] - Gee... I don't think anyone would know where I came up with this name. *cough*

Har-Monica (Duck Hunt) [Yellow Alt] - I'm a fan of Banjo-Kazooie and a backer of Yuka-Laylee... This two character team up name was completely necessary. I also happen to own a few harmonicas.

MettatonEX (R.O.B.) [Pink Alt] - I really don't need to talk about this, most of you know who it's based on.

MettatonEX (Mii Brawler) - Again, most of you guys already know. By the by, I made a Mii specifically for this. That final DLC Brawler outfit was perfect for it too... If only the 'tron lines' matched the Mii's favorite color... This and the ROB above I eventually want to be put into one card.

Unemployed (Mr. Game & Watch) [White Alt] - Originally a part of the coin army. Game & Watch's various tools remind me of someone who has been in a ton of jobs, and has gotten fired from them.

Sheng Long (Ryu) [Grey Alt] - "You Must Defeat Sheng Long To Stand A Chance"

Sharp Pit (Dark Pit) [Brown/3rd Alt] - I thought of this one as the edgiest of all of Dark Pit's alts.

DidIDoThat (Sonic) [Orange Alt] - Based on Steve Urkel's catchphrase. Jaleel White was Urkel and voiced Sonic in SatAM, Adventures of Sonic The Hedgehog, and Sonic Underground.

-Coin Army-

2Fast2Slow (Sonic) [Cyan Alt] - I find myself saying it sometimes playing a Sonic game.

20XX (Fox) [Green Alt] - The 20XX Fox meme

Moistpants(Luigi) [Yellow Alt] - When you're usually scared out of your wits, you might cause an accident. Since Luigi gets scared a lot, this references his character.

ATuxInNeed(Donkey Kong) [Red Alt] - Donkey Kong only has a tie, he needs a tux to complete the outfit.

Diva (Jigglypuff) [Ribbon Alt] - A professional singer who acts like she's hot stuff.

Betarad (Captain Falcon) [Gold Alt] - Alpharad

MilyLily(Lucas) [Red Alt] - Really, all I wanted it to do was rhyme.

Rupoor (Toon link) [Classic Alt] - Based on the Rupoors.

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Re: amiibo Nicknames Thread + Inspiration

on 7/18/2016, 3:09 pm
Well, here we go again. Of course, names are subject to change in the future.
+ Mario: PringleMan
+ Luigi: LuigiMario
+ Peach: Grimhilde 
+ Bowser: Rocksteady 
+ Yoshi: Reptar Jr. 
+ Rosalina & Luma: Inanna
+ Bowser Jr.: (not acquired)
+ Wario: Bebop
+ Game & Watch: Gaeri
+ Donkey Kong: (not acquired)
+ Diddy Kong: CatchaRide
+ Link: Lonk.exe
+ Zelda: Z.Williams 
+ Sheik: Kagerou 
+ Ganondorf: Ganzai
+ Toon Link: Tune Lonk 
+ Samus: Kelly-087
+ Zero Suit Samus: Jeanne
+ Pit: (not acquired, name consideration: Gabriel)
+ Palutena: Elpis 
+ Marth: Griffith
+ Ike: Guts
+ Robin: Bubbles 
+ Kirby: Gluttony
+ King Dedede: Sakurai
+ Meta Knight: Agravain 
+ Litte Mac: 1-PunchMac
+ Fox: Rhodey
+ Falco: Hancock 
+ Pikachu: Chu-wy 
+ Charizard: WgDragonRa
+ Lucario: Atem
+ Jigglypuff: Ji-hyo
+ Greninja: Saizo
+ Duck Hunt: Dinkleberg 
+ R.O.B.: Canti-A113
+ Ness: Chara
+ Captain Falcon: Mr. Capable 
+ Villager: Derp
+ Olimar: Ji Suk-jin
+ Wii Fit Trainer: Nike
+ Dr. Mario: DrItoshiki
+ Dark Pit: Lucifer
+ Lucina: Casca
+ Shulk: d'Artagnan
+ Pac-Man: MannyPcMan
+ Mega Man: Cyborg 013
+ Sonic: Sanic.exe
+ Mii Brawler: John Cena 
+ Mii Swordfighter: RNG Anna
+ Mii Gunner: Pr. Kenny
+ Mewtwo: ShadowKing
+ Lucas: Claus 
+ Roy: Rickert
+ Ryu: Bruce Wee
+ Cloud: (not released)
+ Corrin: (not released, name consideration: Scarlet)
+ Bayonetta: (not released, name consideration: Cereza) 

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Re: amiibo Nicknames Thread + Inspiration

on 7/18/2016, 11:49 pm
Awesome! I'll share mine, I guess.

Captain Falcon = Depression
A running gag among my friends, as each Captain Falcon skin has a different title and personality according to us. The grey captain falcon skin, which we nicknamed Captain Depression, is always sad and fights without putting any effort. His stats are -200/-200/-200, so he definitely plays the part, too!

King Dedede = Ban Hammer
King Dedede uses a hammer which hits extremely hard, so...

Little Mac = Doc Louis?
Reference to how Doc Louis is present whenever Little Mac wins, therefore the winner is Doc Louis, too. This name points out the confusion that Doc Louis is also present.

Zero Suit Samus = Nova
Reference to the Starcraft Universe, where a character named Nova has many similarities with her. Their hair style and color are the same, they have no family, they're trained fighters, they both use firearms, have similar suits, have similar english voices and a tragic past.

Mario = Monochrome
Using the Black & White skin, the name makes a lot of sense.

Dr. Mario = Dr. House
Referencing Dr. House, from a tv show.

Ganondorf = Garon
They're so similar!

Translates to :ARROWS! For Glory spammers love that move.

Charizard = Car Wizard
Misinterpretation of the announcer's pronounciation of the character's name.

[RC] was here.
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Re: amiibo Nicknames Thread + Inspiration

on 7/27/2016, 12:32 pm
I will share some of my names as well !!!!

Shulk: Tilin, it's a nickname that I created for my favorite character (It always been a boy) when I was little and now Shulk got that name, because he's my favorite character (and he will always be) !!!!

Palutena: Lumière, I talk french and it means Light, because she's the goddess of light !!!!

Chibi-Robo !: Électron (translate to Electron), because he have a plug and it's about electricity !!!!

Little Mac: Like Palutena it's a french word, it's Boxeur (translate = Boxer), you know why !!!!

My YouTube channel:

My longest and my best SSB4 combo video:
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Re: amiibo Nicknames Thread + Inspiration

on 7/27/2016, 3:21 pm
@Roflcopter, your Mac's name is genius!

Spaghetti (Luigi): Amiibomania 3
DoTheMario (Mario): AmiiBrawl Flash Fight 1!
Mahboi (Link): Blakers' Online Amiibo Tournament 2, Clash of Champions 2, AmiiBrawl Champion of Champions Tournament
KAMIKAZE! (Ryu) & Greil Jr (Ike) AKA The Muscular Headband Bros: Amiibo Characters Exhibition: Sword and Shield
THE BOGUS! (Little Mac): Stellar Twins Amiibo Royale 0
#GEN4SUCKS (Lucario): Amiibo Meta Gamez 5, AmiiBrawl Flash Fight 5!
Prof. XXXL (Bowser): Amiibo Meta Gamez 9
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Re: amiibo Nicknames Thread + Inspiration

on 7/28/2016, 12:10 am
Might as well share some of mine.

Ssb4 Mario : Gonzales
The Great Gonzales from Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door, what more?

Ssb4 Luigi : Go Weegee!
In Mario and Luigi superstar saga, whenever Luigi starts an battle by himself he'll say Go Weegee! thus the name was born.

MP Silver Mario : Smg4 : blue outfit
A Reference to a famous but not so famous guy on youtube, yes thats it.

8-bit retro Mario: Dark Mario: dark outfit
Well shadow Mario didn't fit so Dark Mario it is!

Ssb4 Yoshi : Daylight : yellow outfit
His shoes are green which represent grass in the middle of the day, and his yellow body represents our sun. Is usually paired up with Nightfall since level 1

Ssb4 Kirby : Nightfall : Dark outfit
His shoes represent grass being lit by the moon, his body represents the sky in the middle of the night, and his eyes represents the moon, usually paired up with Daylight since level 1.

Ness : Super 64 : Dark Blue outfit
I liked clouds name for his Ness and my favorite console is the Nintendo 64, so, yeah.

Pit : Pat : Pink Outfit
No reason in particular why I named him this.

Dark Pit : Pittoo : Red outfit
Well, he is a copy of Dark Pit who's a copy of Pit so you get the point.

Duck Hunt : Shailow : Black outfit
Named after my dog, shailow who died on september 28th 2015 (or around there)
I want for her to be the best amiibo i have.

R.O.B. : M.A.R.I.O. : Very light blue outfit
It stands for Mass Annihilation Retarded Idiot Operator.

Mr. Game And Watch : ASDF Man : White outfit
Looks like the man from that series that I only watched for one episode.

Lucario : Manster : I forgot
He's a Monster, I might rename him to Sully.

Mega Man : Rainbow : Red and White outfit
It's what my big brother nicknamed him.

Pikachu : Jerry : I forgot
It's Jerry from Tom and Jerry!

Villager : Trickster : Purple shirt
The name isn't popular, unlike Killager

Lucas : Super Cube : Boney shirt
Same reason as Super 64 but The Gamecube was my second favorite so yeah.

MP Yoshi : Moonlight : Purple
You can probably guess why.

Rosalina & Luma : Elizabeth : Green outfit
I thought it was a nice name.

Brother's Amiibo:

Ness : Ninten
Mega Man : Rock Man
Lucas : Sammeh
Little Mac : Apollo
Pac-Man : Waka Waka
Waka Waka was a gift for my brother to remember me.
and last but not least he has an silver Mario amiibo just for display.

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Re: amiibo Nicknames Thread + Inspiration

on 8/6/2016, 3:44 pm
Anyone feel like explaining some of the nicknames to my amiibo
this is in order of the ones I got first
- WIIGII(luigi)
- The Champ.(BOWSER)
- The Viper(Mario)
- The Boss(link)
- The Best(ganondorf)
- Megamew2(kind of obvious here)
- Aj(peach)
- Megatongal(Yoshi)
- The Ripper(zero suit samus)
- Megachu(another obvious one)
- The Bomb(olimar)
- Charmazing(CHARIZARD)
- Aura Boss (lucario)
-  PK MIXER(lucas)
- giga kid(Kirby)
- Corben(king dedede)
-Hannah (Rosalina and luma)
-Antiness (ness) turned out to be undefeatable

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