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amiibo Nicknames Thread + Inspiration

on 7/13/2016, 2:40 am
First topic message reminder :

Post your amiibo nicknames and, if you want, how you came up with their name!

  • Mario (DoTheMario): Inspired from the dance from the Super Mario Bros. Super Show!
  • Lucario (#GEN4SUCKS): Named to piss of fans of Pokemon Generation IV and, more importantly, my friends
  • PAC-MAN (Hirohito): ...Because he's made in Japan...? ...And Hirohito was a Japanese emperor's name...? (Also once named PizzaPasta because in his 8-bit form he looks like a pizza, also name was taken from a Punch-Out!! boxer)
  • R.O.B. (Bumblebee): Named after the Transformer
  • Mr. Game & Watch (Blacktimus): I like Transformers, and since Optimus was an unfitting name for G&W, Blacktimus was chosen (because, surprise surprise, he's the shade of black)
  • Duck Hunt (Rushmore): Named after my first dog, who passed away three weeks before acquiring this amiibo. RIP Rushmore
  • Ganondorf (Megatron): Named after the Transformer (first named Arklaine, a Fire Emblem OC I created at the time)
  • Dr. Mario (Diabeetus): Because I watched this video: (Originally named Ratchet, after the Transformer)
  • Falco (Prefersair): "Personally, I prefer the air!" -Falco, Super Smash Bros.
  • Luigi (Spaghetti): "I hope she made lotsa spaghetti!" -Luigi, Hotel Mario
  • Bowser (Action2K16): Named after this yearly event at my former high school called "Action". It's basically a class competition where the four classes represent a character from a theme chosen every year. In this case, I was a senior, the theme was Super Smash Bros., and our class' character was Bowser. I bought this amiibo in honor of our class.
  • Zelda (Desdemona): Named for the wife of Othello in the Shakespearean play Othello. Named so because I performed the death scene where Othello kills Desdemona. (I was Othello.)
  • Peach (Antoinette): Named after Queen Marie Antoinette of France, who (falsely) stated that if peasants were hungry they should eat cake. And Peach is usually connected to cake, as she bakes some for Mario. (Originally named "CAKE 64+", lucky that name never stuck)
  • Roy (Eliwood Jr): Roy is Eliwood's son, so...
  • Lucas (Rookie): My newest recruit, at the time. His name could've been...ill-mannered. (They were "Orphan Boy" and "HasDeadMom", respectively.)
  • Pikachu (Voltaire): Named for the Enlightenment philosopher. Plus the name is awesome
  • Charizard (Not-Ridley): Charizard is NOT Ridley. Even when Charizard uses the purple skin.
  • Fox (Zero Focks): Because he doesn't give a f*** on how he's actually supposed to fight, even when trained intensely
  • Jigglypuff (Breadloaf): Named for an "object of focus" in this school play I performed in. I bought this amiibo around the same time our play premiered.
  • Link (Mahboi): "Mah boi, this peace is what all true warriors strive for!" -King Harkinian, Link and the Faces of Evil
  • Wii Fit Trainer (STEPITUP): My brother's name for this amiibo, as it was his originally.
  • Yarn Yoshi (Yarnshi): Also my brother's, but I reset and originally renamed it to "Touch N Go", after that one Yoshi game, but renamed it to fit its amiibo design.
  • Ryu (SUREHECAN!): Because he sure can do it!
  • King Dedede (Clobbahdat): "I need a monstah to clobbah dat dere Kirbeh!" -King Dedede, Kirby: Right Back at Ya!
  • Ike (Greil Jr): Ike is Greil's son, so...
  • Meta Knight (Knightmare):  Named for that game in Kirby Super Star Ultra, but also because he's a real nightmare to watch fight
  • Mii Brawler (Glass Joe): Mii Brawler is a Mii that looks like the Punch-Out!! character Glass Joe
  • Mii Gunner (Brock): Mii Gunner is a Mii that looks like the Pokemon character Brock
  • Mii Swordfighter (Frollo): Mii Swordfighter is a Mii that looks like Disney's The Hunchback of Notre Dame character Claude Frollo
  • Palutena (Lady Cupid): In Rhythm Heaven Fever, there's this character starring in a minigame named Lady Cupid, who bears a striking resemblance to Palutena (her green hair), but shares a resemblance in body type with Classic Pit
  • Shulk (Tignileef): His name is "feeling it" backwards! Get it?
  • Greninja (Nerfinja): Because Greninja got nerfed in early Sm4sh.

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Spaghetti (Luigi): Amiibomania 3
DoTheMario (Mario): AmiiBrawl Flash Fight 1!
Mahboi (Link): Blakers' Online Amiibo Tournament 2, Clash of Champions 2, AmiiBrawl Champion of Champions Tournament
KAMIKAZE! (Ryu) & Greil Jr (Ike) AKA The Muscular Headband Bros: Amiibo Characters Exhibition: Sword and Shield
THE BOGUS! (Little Mac): Stellar Twins Amiibo Royale 0
#GEN4SUCKS (Lucario): Amiibo Meta Gamez 5, AmiiBrawl Flash Fight 5!
Prof. XXXL (Bowser): Amiibo Meta Gamez 9
KAMIKAZE! (Ryu) & MegaVGMaster's ToySoldier (Ike) AKA The Muscular Headband Bromance: AmiiBrawl 14 V-Day
Tignileef (Shulk): Launch Star#1 Singles
Dojo Owner (Cloud): MegaVGMaster's Welcome FInal 3 Tournament

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Re: amiibo Nicknames Thread + Inspiration

on 8/7/2016, 5:22 pm
Mariofan889 wrote:Might as well share some of mine.

Ssb4 Mario : Gonzales
The Great Gonzales from Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door, what more?

Ssb4 Luigi : Go Weegee!
In Mario and Luigi superstar saga, whenever Luigi starts an battle by himself he'll say Go Weegee! thus the name was born.

MP Silver Mario : Smg4 : blue outfit
A Reference to a famous but not so famous guy on youtube, yes thats it.

8-bit retro Mario: Dark Mario: dark outfit
Well shadow Mario didn't fit so Dark Mario it is!

Ssb4 Yoshi : Daylight : yellow outfit
His shoes are green which represent grass in the middle of the day, and his yellow body represents our sun. Is usually paired up with Nightfall since level 1

Ssb4 Kirby : Nightfall : Dark outfit
His shoes represent grass being lit by the moon, his body represents the sky in the middle of the night, and his eyes represents the moon, usually paired up with Daylight since level 1.

Ness : Super 64 : Dark Blue outfit
I liked clouds name for his Ness and my favorite console is the Nintendo 64, so, yeah.

Pit : Pat : Pink Outfit
No reason in particular why I named him this.

Dark Pit : Pittoo : Red outfit
Well, he is a copy of Dark Pit who's a copy of Pit so you get the point.

Duck Hunt : Shailow : Black outfit
Named after my dog, shailow who died on september 28th 2015 (or around there)
I want for her to be the best amiibo i have.

R.O.B. : M.A.R.I.O. : Very light blue outfit
It stands for Mass Annihilation Retarded Idiot Operator.

Mr. Game And Watch : ASDF Man : White outfit
Looks like the man from that series that I only watched for one episode.

Lucario : Manster : I forgot
He's a Monster, I might rename him to Sully.

Mega Man : Rainbow : Red and White outfit
It's what my big brother nicknamed him.

Pikachu : Jerry : I forgot
It's Jerry from Tom and Jerry!

Villager : Trickster : Purple shirt
The name isn't popular, unlike Killager

Lucas : Super Cube : Boney shirt
Same reason as Super 64 but The Gamecube was my second favorite so yeah.

MP Yoshi  : Moonlight : Purple
You can probably guess why.

Rosalina & Luma : Elizabeth : Green outfit
I thought it was a nice name.

Brother's Amiibo:

Ness : Ninten
Mega Man : Rock Man
Lucas : Sammeh
Little Mac : Apollo
Pac-Man : Waka Waka
Waka Waka was a gift for my brother to remember me.
and last but not least he has an silver Mario amiibo just for display.
I really like that Mario name! Thousand Year Door was great.

Amiibo Tournament Wins:
Marth(Ken)Amiibrawl Twitch Test
Toon Link(Suspicious)Amiibrawl#5
Marth(Ken)Amiibrawl#21(First win in 7 months)
Dr. Mario(2Stock Doc)MLF's Mario tourney
Bowser Jr.(LivingLike)Mega's Gunners tourney
Ness and Bayonetta(Twisted Fire) LaunchStar Doubles#3
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Re: amiibo Nicknames Thread + Inspiration

on 12/14/2016, 5:30 pm
Updated amiibo nicknames!

DoTheMario - Mario
#GEN4SUCKS - Lucario
Hirohito - PAC-MAN
Bumblebee - R.O.B.
Enigmus - Mr. Game & Watch
Rushmore - Duck Hunt
Megatron - Ganondorf
Diabeetus - Dr. Mario
Prefersair - Falco
Spaghetti - Luigi
Prof. XXXL - Bowser
Desdemona - Zelda
Antoinette - Peach
Eliwood Jr - Roy
Phoebus - Lucas
Cradily - Pikachu
Like Fire! - Charizard
Zero Focks - Fox
Breadloaf - Jigglypuff
Mahboi - Link
STEPITUP - Wii Fit Trainer
Yarnshi - Yoshi
Greil Jr - Ike
Clobbahdat - King Dedede
Knightmare - Meta Knight
Gaston - Mii Brawler
Nagato - Mii Gunner
Frollo - Mii Swordfighter
Lady Cupid - Palutena
Tignileef - Shulk
Nerfinja - Greninja
The Fuhrer - Olimar
Galeforce - Lucina
GodBlessed - Pit
Subpar YES - Ness
Validar Jr - Robin
'nut Cream - Donkey Kong
Melancholy - Mewtwo
*wheezes* - Luigi II
Knock Out - R.O.B. II
Il Duce - Alph
Galvatron - Ganondorf II
Elita-One - Samus
Starscream - Captain Falcon
#MAGA Man - Mega Man
PINGAS! - Sonic
BatFastard - Wario
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Re: amiibo Nicknames Thread + Inspiration

on 12/31/2016, 2:35 am
I only have 4 amiibo right now, but here goes!

Mario (StacheRide) - You guys suggested it, fits him really well, and is catchy.  Uses the black alt. because he's edgy.

Mii Gunner (Credit2Blu) - Because Blue made it the best it was since it's 'journey'. An exact copy of the mii with the Standard Outfit and no headgear. Was originally "Mii Gunner"...only mii name that fits lol.

Mii Brawler (MiiBrawler) - Because he has no reputation yet. Same as Mii Gunner, but with Ninja Headband and Fighter Costume.

Mii Swordfighter (Mii Sword) Because the name didn't fit and he has no reputation yet. Ninja Headband and Knight's Armor equipped.

If any of you guys can think of another name for my Miis, please tell me!
Anything (might) work for my amiibo. All names count!

Mii Gunner (GMAT 4) Runner-up
Mario (Amiibrawl 12) 4th Place
Mario (grACEscale) 9th Place
Mii Fighters (AMG10) 17th Place
Mii Swordfighter (PUAT) 9th Place
Maro (PUAT) 17th Place

Mario's getting worse, Mii Fighters getting better...tier lists are backwards for my amiibo lol
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