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AASC6 Announcement

on 7/16/2016, 10:49 am
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First topic message reminder :

Helllo everyone, since the normal host of AASC is busy, I'll be filling in for him.
-All amiibo allowed except Mac
-Best 2/3 Round 1 on Final Destination, 2 on Battlefield, 3 also on Final Destination.
-Double Elimination(Losers bracket)
-No hacked stats(Over 120 in total)
-Tourney will be held July 22nd
-Entrants due by 11.59 PM(EST), July 21nd
-Send amiibo into
-For live results, follow TrainerBlue18 on Twitter.
Be sure to enter!

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Re: AASC6 Announcement

on 7/22/2016, 8:48 pm
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Unoriginal Username wrote:GG guys. Megatron was no match for fellow S-tiers.
Shailow was no match either, despite me giving her training for two days without stopping.

Notable Wins
None. And it seems that I won't get any for quite a while.
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Re: AASC6 Announcement

on 7/23/2016, 9:03 pm
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Of course Rosalina lost to both finalists and got Top 6, making her appear much worse than she actually is...

Well, nothing I can do about it except keep entering her.

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