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I thought I would make one...

on 7/18/2016, 3:07 pm
So yeah. I'm back. Almost everyone (if not everyone) on this forum remembers me. I was beanluv. I remember joining this young but popular forum when I was 9-10 years old, just to get a graphics pack for SMBX. Yep. Then I posted "The Invasion 3" which was a horrible short SMBX episode. Then some stuff happened with @Rafael 2003 and @Jayoshi and somehow I got banned for doing nothing wrong. Then the completely stupid merge between Knuckles96's forums and this forum. This was when @Cloud went insane. Then he resorted to ProBoards, which is completely stupid and makes me cringe a lot. Then the cringefest came in with CFA. I'll admit, it was great, but still kinda made me cringe (no offense, @Cloud). Then that forum was hacked by a hacker going under @ErikMouse's account. Then it was a huge move back and forth between this forum and a bunch of other "Cloud's Forums" because @Cloud couldn't decide which forum service to stick with. So then I knew at some point the whole place was gonna die, so I resorted to DeviantArt. Thankfully way before that, @Kazzoo told me about this place when he was showing me a deviation of his OC, Pat. So I got on there and I was dead on there for 2-3 years. So I finally went back. I met some users such as pokeman25, along with a recently joined member, Joshua the Hedgefox (Hedgefox was his username on the current ProBoards forum). I bought Clickteam Fusion 2.5 at some point. I was hoping to make a remake of a creepypasta.

So here I am again.

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Re: I thought I would make one...

on 7/18/2016, 5:34 pm

Cool story bro.

So anyways, welcome back!

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