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How did you train your Robin?

Combination (Elaborate below)
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Tipping the scales with Robin - Training, Tips, Advice, Discussion

on 7/28/2016, 3:58 pm
Hello, HalfaMask here with some thoughts on training a certain Amiibo. This guide will be looking at the master tactician of Ylisse Robin. Here are the categories that will be covered: 

  1. Robin's AI 
  2. Training Styles + Doubles
  3. Setup: Stats, Moves, Equipment
  4. Basic Training from 1-50
  5. Post 50 Training and Beyond

Robin's AI 
Robin has the potential of becoming devastating Amiibo on the battlefield. There is no question that Robin has a variety of specials to control the tide of battle: Thunder, Arcfire, and Nosferatu. The default specials, as well as some of the customs, allow Robin to harass and control spacing. Also, Robin's has pretty good smash attacks. The main two that Robin uses is Forward-Smash and Down-Smash. Robin's ability to Smash opponents in the air is a huge plus. 

However, there are some AI tendencies that leave Robin wide open. The main reason that results to this is that Robin tends to "whiff" some moves. Some of the moves that Robin tends to "whiff" include Up-Smash, grabbing, missing some of the specials. 

Here is the list of some of the pros and cons I have noted: 

  • Good smash attacks 
  • Ability to smash in the air
  • Variety use of specials 


  • Tends to "whiff" some moves
  • All specials have limited uses

Training Styles
There will some training styles useful over others depending on others. I'm going to look at three that I have used: Offensive + Balance, Defensive + Passive, and Vanilla. 

The Offensive + Balance style focuses on Robin being more of a harasser. Robin will have more tendencies of spamming specials--notably uncharged Thunders. It will have Robin's behavior on doing true combos (i.e. Down Throw to Air-Smash) and just being an overall nuisance. 

The Defense + Passive style focuses on reacting than attacking. Arguably, this can be considered the best style in combination of Robin's specials and defensive equipment setup. This style has Robin to use specials to control space rather than attack. It has Robin to stay more grounded rather than attempt to Smash opponents in the air.

As for Vanilla training, I say it is best to train Robin in more of the Balance + Passive combination. Train Robin to use specials in certain situations and create setups execute Smash attacks. 


In Doubles, Robin works best as a supportive character with using specials has harassment and controlling space. Try to pair up and experiment with Robin's partners with heavy hitters (i.e. Ganondorf) or more front-line attackers (i.e. Lucina). 

This area will cover three areas: Stats, Moves, and Equipment.

Stats (If Not Vanilla)
If in doubt, try to have positive values in all stats. The more balance stat distribution has +40 attack/+40 defense /+40 speed. It gives Robin the best of all words and give nice stats in all areas. If being more Defensive or Passive, try the spread of +40 attack/+70 defense/+10 speed. This stat distribution gives more defense while giving some speed to Robin's slow mobility. 

In my opinion, Robin's default specials are just very good. Here is a list of the some custom specials I have experimented on and my thoughts on them.

  • Thunder+: Stronger version of Thunder but has less uses. If charged fully, has the ability to break through shields and cause stun state.
  • Speed Thunder: Weakest version of neutral specials but has the fastest charge. Has some use in more of a harass play style. 
  • Arcfire+: Slower and stronger version of Arcfire that can cause knockback. With enough timing, Robin can use this to snipe opponents.
  • Firewall: I have yet to see my Robin use this effectively. AI tends to spam this constantly and not use it to its full effectiveness. 
  • Goetia: Deals a lot more damage and covers more area than default special. Can be used it Robin's AI tends to "whiff" default special but does not heal.

Choice of equipment and setups depends on training style. Here are a few that I have found effective. 

  • Rock-Paper-Scissors: Critical Hit Capability / Improved Escapability / Explosive Perfect Shield. This can be considered the "golden standard" setup as it covers a lot of areas. Some advantages this setup is 20% chance on extra damage, allows to be immune to kill/throws, and damage on blocking (even has a chance to apply critical damage). This setup can be used for all the styles but favors the defensive style.
  • Heal Stall Set: Auto-Heal / Improved Escapability / Health-Restoring Shield. This set up focuses more on stalling the match and out sustain the opponent. This setup is favors the Defensive and Passive play styles. 
  • First-Aid Kit: Auto-Heal / Health-Restoring Shield /Lifesteal. This build focuses on sustain and racking up healing. It can be particularly useful especially when Robin uses Nosferatu. This setup favors a more Offensive and Balance play style.

Two more equipment I would consider, especially for Defense and Passive styles, are Easy Perfect Shield and Mirror Shield. If Robin has difficulty to block, Easy Perfect Shield is a good option to help with it. Mirror Shield is a good alternative to Explosive Perfect Shield. It does not give the knockback effect, but can allow Robin to counteract with a Smash attack or any other action.

Basic Training 1-50 
In this phase, I would recommend to mirror match Robin on Final Destination or any Omega Stage 1-50. Teach the basics how Robin would play in use of specials and just basic fighting. Try to teach Robin to grab the Levin Sword or one of the books and having him/her throw it. As an option, you can implement platform training in this. Use Battlefield as it is the most basic and has non-moving platforms.

Post 50 Training and Beyond
I consider this the most important phase of training as an Amiibo will "continue to learn". This phase of training will include to solidify and refine the fighting style you want your Robin to be. If you want Robin to be more offensive, focus on true combos, harassment with specials, and just connect with Levin Sword smash attacks. If defensive style is more preferred, focus on blocking practices, staying grounded, and punishing Robin (i.e. punish when Robin jump attacks). This includes work out the kinks and working on Robin's timing of the use of specials. Overall, this phase of training depends refining on your choice of fighting style and possible improvements/changes. 

Have any critiques, comments, or tips? Comment below with your experiences or advice on Robin.

With that, this is HalfaMask signing off. 
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