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Sharing Super Mario Maker Levels

on 7/29/2016, 6:15 pm
So, this is the topic for sharing super mario maker levels, here's mine.

DK 64 Chimp Caves 1100-0000-0276-B305

Super Mario Advance 4 SMB 3 8DBD-0000-0275-B16A

Bumper Balls Mario Party 1 And 2 89D1-0000-024E-02D4

Mario Land 4 Hall Of Hieroglyphs F3E5-0000-01FB-CF42

Dodongo's Cavern Mario Edition Ver 1.1 179A-0000-01F7-595A

To Starbeans Cafe! 1FE2-0000-01E2-000F

Iggy's Castle (Remix) 1.1 BFBD-0000-01C0-D73D

Luigi's Mansion Version 1.2 0B90-0000-01BE-57B1

I'm interested into what levels everyone has.

(This kind of thing is allowed here right?)

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Re: Sharing Super Mario Maker Levels

on 7/31/2016, 5:27 pm
I'll let you guys know.

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