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How SSB4 Patches Changed Amiibo

on 8/4/2016, 4:12 pm
So through the updates of Smash 4, amiibos have changed, but how exactly have they changed? Were some amiibo made better? Some worse? Do amiibo use more moves than they did back then? For example, I know in earlier patches, Yoshi spammed his Egg Toss, but no longer does.
If you guys can tell me which amiibo changed through patches, and which path if possible, thanks!
Note: I've had Smash since it first came out, I just didn't train amiibos enough back then to see changes nowadays.

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Re: How SSB4 Patches Changed Amiibo

on 8/14/2016, 10:44 pm
Weird enough, my Mii Gunner doesn't seem to have been changed!  It's behaving just the way I trained it!

IDK if I started before or after the patch.....

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Mario's getting worse, Mii Fighters getting better...tier lists are backwards for my amiibo lol
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