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Tech: Spot Training and Not Saving Amiibo Data

on 8/11/2016, 1:02 pm
In my desperate attempts to train a decent Samus one thing has always disappointed me. Despite training her to play keep away and rely mostly on charge beams and missiles she always starts to gravitate toward playing up close and using smash attacks. That's when it hit me. Most of the amiibo that  have trained are close range fighters that make good use of smashes, and Samus has been learning from them! Not what I want at all! After about good 15 mins of spot training with the DK method to reinforce the use of missiles and fully charged charge beams attacks followed by a match up against a strong amiibo to make sure the DK method didn't encourage her to be aggressive and sloppy I decided to save her data there and no longer save any data after matches. The result was a Samus that stays on the game plan I trained her for, and matches where she performs better and wins more often.

Does anyone else employ this kind of tactic to their training?
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Re: Tech: Spot Training and Not Saving Amiibo Data

on 8/11/2016, 3:43 pm
Oh hey, welcome to the forums!

Uh, yes. I do use this method for my campy characters, like Duck Hunt and Link.

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