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Little Mac Balanced

on 8/15/2016, 5:14 pm
First topic message reminder :

I'm thinking that instead of just banning little mac we could have him, with rather restrictions. Like that famous overloaded setup used on him, ban that and ban critical hit on little mac.
Now, sure I haven't experimented enough since I do not own an Little Mac myself but i'm just trying to lay the foundation for people who likes that character when he is not overpowered and wants him to win somewhat fairly (or something like that because the amiibo metagame isn't balanced)
So, here's what i'm thinking:
make it to where he cannot have an attack stat above 60
He cannot have critical hitter OR he cannot have improved escapablility, he has one of the two so that amiibo can either A. not worry about critical hitter or B. amiibo can throw him which makes it easier to kill him
This way he doesn't break shields left and right and other amiibo has an chance against him.

Feel free to add anything to it, or just some feedback.

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Re: Little Mac Balanced

on 8/24/2016, 8:03 pm
TheBlueTrainer wrote:
@KahunaLagoona wrote:I'm usually the one who never wants to ban a character, but Mac IS the exception.

I have three Mac Setups - Two overloads and a 40/40/40. None of those are viable in regards to what is discussed here because Critical Hit/Improved Escape are on each. But since Dan doesn't ban Mac, just EPS, I'm going to take what I can get and throw Mac in at least one more time.
I can't believe you entered Mac! Our goal is to prevent him from winning.
Well, not like it matters now, he got knocked out of the tourney by that Link.

I'm going to re-train that Mac. I think the Lateral Air Movement and Floaty Jumps aid with recovery - They did while I was training him, but they didn't prepare for the onslaught.

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Re: Little Mac Balanced

on 8/24/2016, 10:39 pm
what was that

Balance, Little Mac?


Those are two things that don't go together in this metagame, sadly.

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