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AmiiBrawl Standard Rules

on 8/24/2016, 6:38 am
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First topic message reminder :

AmiiBrawl will be held every other Tuesday

  This will be the singles tournament event standard rules that apply to the ODD tour number of AmiiBrawl. We are going by This Tier List posted by @keethkon.  As of now, this should be the basic rules to go by as you get ready for these Live Streamed Events!

These rules include:

  • Stats must equal 120
  • No Little Mac
  • No Critical Hit
  • No Explosive Shield Bonus
  • Matches will be 2 stock 6 mins
  • Stages will be: Omega Battlefield, Battlefield, Random Omega
  • Double Elimination: Loser bracket ran on 3ds

SEND YOUR ENTRIES TO: titled "AmiiBrawl Entry" as the subject. In your message put your Bracket name, Amiibo, and bin file. Tournament start time TBD, guessing around 4-6 CST.


This tournament can be watched at:
Brackets can be found at:
Find us on Twitter:
Any Questions about the tournament? Ask @TMac-or-@Chief Grizzly

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Re: AmiiBrawl Standard Rules

on 4/22/2017, 9:13 pm
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Amiibrawl on 4/25.
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Re: AmiiBrawl Standard Rules

on 4/25/2017, 4:42 pm
Okay... I'm confused now. Are entrants due Monday or an hour before because the Amiibrawl 19 post says the hour before...

Amiibo that have debuted:

1. Robert Cop (R.O.B.) Amiibrawl 19   2. King Ivan (Dedede) Amiibrawl 20 3. Carl (Pit) Yric's first tounament 4. Ellington (Duck Hunt) Amiibrawl 21
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Re: AmiiBrawl Standard Rules

on 4/25/2017, 4:48 pm
They are due an hour before

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Mario "SuperMario" Test Stream Tournament
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Ganondorf "Demon King" BAT#8
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Re: AmiiBrawl Standard Rules

on 7/12/2017, 11:10 am
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Send in vanilla amiibo by 7-17-17 for Amiibrawl#22

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Marth(Ken)Amiibrawl Twitch Test
Toon Link(Suspicious)Amiibrawl#5
Marth(Ken)Amiibrawl#21(First win in 7 months)
Dr. Mario(2Stock Doc)MLF's Mario tourney
Bowser Jr.(LivingLike)Mega's Gunners tourney
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