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on 9/18/2016, 5:01 pm
SeeBorg, written by Eugene Bujak in C++, was an IRC bot popularly used among the users of this forum and similar others. That was until Discord became the standard. After our group moved from IRC to Discord, Eugene Bujak's SeeBorg was found incredibly difficult to modify and add new features, rendering the support for Discord nearly impossible to implement. We were not very happy with this; I didn't want to move to Discord because I couldn't have the bots there. With usage of Discord becoming mainstream and IRC being left behind by everyone, work on a SeeBorg alternative for Discord had begun, so that we could still get some good laughs from them. It was possible recreate the bot with Node.js, using the discord.js library. The bot is considerably faster, more customizable and most importantly: not abandoned by its author. The context values have been improved on, meaning that the bot will create more coherent and complete sentences. Many things are yet to be done, like a way to change the bot's settings while it's running, but that's on it's way! Currently, asrielborg has the following features:

  • AI that learns from you and formulates responses based on the lines it already knows.
  • Multi-server support.
  • Adjustable reply rate chance.
  • Magic words list: if one is found in a sentence, the bot will have a different chance value of replying to the message containing the word.
  • Blacklisted words list: if one is found in a sentence, the bot will not learn that sentence. This does not prevent the bot from formulating responses that contain blacklisted words that have been learned prior to the creation of the blacklist or are present in the lines file.
  • (Coming soon) A live web panel that allows you to seamlessly change the bot's configuration, with support for multiple users at a time.

If you wish to download and try asrielborg, you can download it at the master branch of
A dev branch is also available with the latest features, but keep in mind that it is largely unfinished and very, very prone to bugs and errors. For stability, please stick to the master branch.

TODO features:

  • Ignore user option
  • Automated word removal
  • Word lookup from web panel

If you happen to find a bug, send me a PM about it with as much detail as possible: Stack trace (the error message), your config file (do not send me your token; it is a secret) and your Node.js version.
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