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Yoshi Amiibo Training Guide

on 9/20/2016, 1:33 pm
Yoshi is an amiibo that many have had a hard time training, making him rare in tournaments. While yes, he does have a fair amount of flaws, I personally don't think he's that bad. He's got a good projectile that is great for racking up damage, and good smash attacks. He does have a few flaws such as misusing his neutral B, using down air too much, and a few natural AI flaws that are tougher to fix.
-Fast Smash Attacks
-Has a projectile
-Can gimp
-Spaces his Egg/custom#3 well.

-Misuse of neutral B
-May prioritize Down Air
-Flawed AI
Suggested stat spread:
60 attack/60 defense/0 speed
Note: It's perfectly fine if you don't get the stats even. For example, 58 attack/62 defense/0 speed is about the same as the suggest spread.

Suggest bonus effects:
-Critical Hit Capability
-Improved Escape
-Explosive Perfect Shield*
Note: Me and quite a few other trainers chose to train without Explosive Perfect Shield due to it being OP in a way. Along with that, most tournaments ban it. If you wish to train without it, then replace it with Lifesteal.

Neutral B:
For neutral B, I recommend giving him the Lick custom move. Unlike the other two versions of the move, it's an attack over a low damage dealing command grab.
Side B:
I suggest keeping it as the default Egg Roll, the original move, and it's customs don't have much use anyways.
Up B:
While the original Egg Throw is good, Timed Egg Throw is the way to go. He's excellent with spacing them, and they rack up damage quickly. 
-Down B:
I suggest keeping it as the default Yoshi Bomb. While it's not as important as Egg Throw, it's still a good move you should teach him to use.
Training your amiibo:
Levels 1-50 don't matter as near as much as people say, so when people say fancy methods in certain levels are proper, they aren't. In this section I'll be going over what moves to teach your amiibo, a suggested playstyle, and things to help improve your amiibo. 
Note: If your amiibo is already 50(Don't reset), then use the tips I'm about to provide here to help improve them.

Play defensively:
By far the most important part of the guide is to perfect shield, dodge, and teach your amiibo defensive straigies. For in-depth defense sessions, check the post 50 section.
-Don't use air attacks:
This is another important step, Air attacks are bad on amiibo, they'll constantly air attack into perfect shields, and get up-smashed.
-Use Egg Throw/Timed Egg Throw:
This is what I consider his best move, his AI is great at spacing them, so I suggest using them from a distance, and to edgeguard.
-Don't use Egg Roll:
It's not a useful move, I suggest to not use it.
-Use Lick sparingly:
Assuming you gave him the Lick custom, he may spam it.(Still use it over the other two neutral customs.) Use it a little, but not much.
-Use his jab:
It's a quick move that does a fair amount of damage, I suggest using it every once in awhile.
-Use tilts:
His tilts are nice and quick, use them to rack up damage.
-Use Up-Smash and F-Smash to kill:
Use these moves to kill, they are quick, and have kill potential.
-Use grab into back throw occasionally:
While I don't suggest using it a lot, it's good to use every once in awhile.

Post 50 training:
While initial training may be complete, your amiibo isn't ready to win a tournament yet.
Let them fight other amiibo:
To do well in a tournament, amiibo need experience with amiibo such as Ganondorf, Bowser, Marth, Ness, you get the drill.
After fighting other amiibo, your amiibo may start to lose skill, so be sure to use the two methods of getting your amiibo in practice down below.
-Defense session:
Go to 300%, Heavy, and Slow Smash, now it's much easier to block their attacks, and punish.
-Mirror match your amiibo using the initial training tips.
No need to explain, just go back to the previous section.

That wraps up the Yoshi guide, I hope this helps people train their Yoshi Amiibo properly!

Amiibo Tournament Wins:
Marth(Ken)Amiibrawl Twitch Test
Toon Link(Suspicious)Amiibrawl#5
Marth(Ken)Amiibrawl#21(First win in 7 months)
Dr. Mario(2Stock Doc)MLF's Mario tourney
Bowser Jr.(LivingLike)Mega's Gunners tourney
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