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Sheik Amiibo Training Guide

on 9/29/2016, 1:28 pm
Sheik is one of those amiibo you rarely see in tournaments, me, and a trainer by the name of @Chief Grizzly are two of the only people to enter her in online tourneys. In competitive Smash, she's one of the best characters, in the amiibo metagame, she's not one of the best as she has a fair amount of flaws holding her back. With that being said, it's time to look in depth of her pros and cons.
-Has a projectile
-Multi hitting Forward Smash
-Good recovery
-Solid AI
-Can gimp with Needles
-Low killing potential
-Low damage output
-May randomly use Vanish/Gale on-stage.

Recommended setup:
80 attack/80 defense/-40 speed
Sheik has a hard time killing, and has good recovery, which means going into negative speed is just fine.
Bonus Effects: 
-Explosive Perfect Shield*
-Critical Hits
-Improved Escape
*EPS is an "overpowered" equipment. Since most tournaments ban it, I recommend you use Auto Heal over it.
Custom Moves:
Overall, I think all her custom moves are best as the default, except for one. Gale is a nice alternative to Vanish, both of them are good, so it's really up to personal preference.

Similar to what I said above, Sheik's type of character in competitive Smash don't go too well in the amiibo metagame. She's a combo based character in the competitive game, and in the amiibo metagame, air attacks air easily shielded/punished, and mulit string combos aren't used. She has flaws, but I think she can be a tournament contender when trained properly.
Training tips:(All Characters, Defensive)
-Never jump or use air attacks:
Air attacks are easily shielded in the amiibo metagame, meaning your amiibo will constantly jump and air attack into shields, making them get punished.
-Don't use combos:
Amiibo won't use any more than true combos, so don't bother with them.
Block and dodge your amiibo's attacks:
When training, block and dodge as much as possible.
-More defense:(Post 50)
Go info 300%, Slow Mode, Heavy Smash, and block or dodge your amiibo's  attacks.(This makes avoiding their attacks easier.)

Character particular tips:
-Make good use of her Needles:
Always fully charge her Needles, and use them from a distance. I also suggest you use them off stage as she'll edgeguard with them.
-Use jab to rack up damage:
Jabs are good moves to rack up damage in the meta, I suggest you use it.
-Use Bouncing Fish to rack up damage/kill:
This is a nice move for your amiibo to learn, it's good at racking up damage, and has decent kill potential.

-Use tilts to rack up damage:
All tilts are good moves to rank up damage, I suggest you use them.
-Don't use Vanish to attack:(If you didn't give her Gale.) 
She may randomly Up-B on stage, so never use this attack to deal damage/kill.

-Use all Smash Attacks to kill:(Primarily Forward-Smash)
Smash Attacks are important for Sheik to learn, as she has low killing potential, use F-Smash and Down Smash to kill, and Up-Smash to punish when your amiibo is air-born.
-Use Burst Grenade sparingly:  
I've never found much use in the move, but it's still not a bad move.
-Use Forward Throw, and Back Throw at the edge of the stage:
Grabs are good in the meta, I suggest using Grab into Forward Throw and Back Throw at the edge of the stage.
Post 50 Training
Your training isn't anywhere near complete, in fact, it's just begun, here I will provide ways to improve your amiibo after level 50.
-Build their EXP
An amiibo won't win a tournament without EXP, I suggest having them fight other characters to learn more matchups.
-Mirror Match them more:
After many matches without a mirror match, or defense session, your amiibo may weaken, I suggest using the tips I provided above in mirror matching them.
That is all for the Sheik guide! I hope everyone can put it to good use!

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