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Dark Pit vs Pit

on 10/10/2016, 3:33 pm
Ok, I am legitimately curious now. 

It seems to be the popular opinion that Dark Pit is better than normal Pit, but how come? I've always seen Pit as having more potential to be better, but is that thought in vain?

Pit has the better arrows (for offstage), forward tilt (more knockback), vertical killing power (Upperdash Arm) and better jab (more range).

Dark Pit has better damage output (arrows do 2.3% more damage than Pit's at maximum, Electroshock does 1% more damage than Upperdash), and I guess better horizontal killing because of Electroshock's knockback angle.

Does Electroshock carry Dark Pit or something, or is it because not enough people have put their time into Pit yet?

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