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AmiiBrawl Champion of Champions Tour

on 12/13/2016, 10:40 am
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First topic message reminder :

santa  HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE!!  :reindeer:
This will be the singles tournament event standard rules that apply to the Champion of Champions Tour of AmiiBrawl. This Tour will be held on the 21st of December. There will also be a regular tour that is open to all on the 20th of December with the same rules. Please specify which tournament you will be entering in the subject line.  We are going by THIS TIER LIST posted by @Havok.

  • These rules include:

  • Stats must equal 120
  • No Little Mac
  • No Explosive Shield Bonus
  • *S tiers cannot use Critical Hitter Bonus*
  • Matches will be 2 stock 6 mins
  • Stages will be: Omega Battlefield, Battlefield, Omega Battlefield
  • Double Elimination: Loser bracket ran on 3ds

  • Submission rules:
    Entrant must have won a tournament with eight or more total participants. 

  • Each trainer is allowed to send a maximum of two champion amiibo. 
  • [size=13]Trainer must show proof that their entrant has won a tournament i.e. providing a link to the brackets of the tournament they won[/size]

SEND YOUR ENTRIES TO: titled "AmiiBrawl Entry" as the subject. In your message put your Bracket name, Amiibo, and bin file. Tournament start time TBD, guessing around 4-5 CST.


This tournament can be watched at:
Brackets can be found at:
Find us on Twitter:
Any Questions about the tournament? Ask @TMac-or-@Chief Grizzly

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Re: AmiiBrawl Champion of Champions Tour

on 12/22/2016, 11:16 am
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While I'm not sure about having it affect the tier list, seeing that's just each Amiibos strength overall, I like the idea of a pros and cons matchup list.

Also, great work Ark. The Hero of Time is of course the Champion of All.

Bowser - AASC6 and 7 Winner

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Marth - BOAT 4 YOLO, 3rd Place

Rosalina- GMAT 4 Winner

Shulk/Roy - xAAA2 Winners as Sacred Swords

Mewtwo - ACE OLR, 3rd Place

Robin - Amiibrawl 12, 2nd Place

Dark Pit - Aradio Amiibo Tournament 1 2017, 2nd Place
              Amiibrawl 13, 2nd Place
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Re: AmiiBrawl Champion of Champions Tour

on 12/22/2016, 3:39 pm
Thanks, @Blakers and @Cyrox! I'm still adamant in my beliefs that Link is S Tier; still though, he has trouble against Marth and Lucina. (Then again, who doesn't?) Anyway, great tournament, and hope y'all have a wonderful end of the year!

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