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on 3/14/2017, 5:21 pm
I just wrote this plzz review it and tell me if i look fat in these skinny jeans

SCENE: wherever somewhere, you think quite something ahead.

As you looked at the walrus man with some feeling of content, he stared back in a virtous way, one acustomed to samurai and the like.

The time had come, the feeling of benevolence had begun to rise in a violent plethora of impulses unbeknownst.

you drew you turtle waxer, you had had enough.

"nuff sed" you clambered, as you stagger at the labradore 

"jealous much?" the labradore chuckles

"Nah dawg u bout 2 get rekt sun" you reply with a graceful swimmer

"fresh blood den?" remarked the labradore, grinning wide

"DIE YOU SON OF A..." you shout as you run across the floor,

 making your way past the hip ones you became

boom boom boom !

"get off the shitter honey" a voice echoed

"momma" you cried out

'hell nah" the voice continued


SCENE: deep city, lots of cars, police cars, police, several mangled bodies, yellow taped off crime scene being investigated.

"nothin but meat sir" A tall thin police man muttered,

"You fat piece of **** I want this whole area combed" barked a rather pudgy police chief

"Good evening, this is Norman Mild with a special channel B news broadcast. A shocking turn of events transpired earlier this night as several, what are believed to be potentially human bodies were discovered in the downtown Itty district. Lead investigators are still looking into who or what may have caused this tragic turn of events. As of this report the identities of the "victoms" are unknown. Any possable leads are being asked to be forwarded to the police department, currently little is known about this strange event, however, we will keep you covered as the story unfolds"


The Itty
they say thats where it all began......

 to be continued.....

They were, and all that was, gone in an instant flash of retarded fat light, it krept through the very heart.... and then...

 to be continued.....

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