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Wii U Input help

on 3/14/2017, 6:53 pm
Ok, I've been unable to go on my Wii U for 2 weeks because of this. Let me explain what's going on;

The input thing is 'broken', as in it's on Non-HDMI at the moment, and the only TVs here are HDMI (no Red-White-Yellow cords either), meaning that I can try to fix it, but if I try, I'll be going 'blind'.  That means in order to fix it, I'll have to deal with a black screen in the process.  I only have a Wiimote/Wiimote+Nunchuk to do it with (I still can't find the Gamepad, considering getting a new one), so there's that.

To revise;

  • I need to switch inputs on the Wii U
  • I'm going blind ("screen-less")

  • Available controllers are the Wiimote/Wiimote+Nunchuk
  • I have no Non-HDMI TVs or cords with me at the moment

There's all the info I have!
If you have help for me, please give step-by-step instructions (very precise instructions).
If you don't fully understand, tell me what I should word differently so you can understand.

Oh yeah, I had the idea that if I connected it to an HDMI TV and cable, then switched it to a Non-HDMI TV and cable, I wouldn't be blind and the console would still ask me if I wanted to switch to HDMI, thus voila, I can play again!
Test it out for me, I might be able to do just that when I receive a Non-HDMI cable!

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Re: Wii U Input help

on 3/26/2017, 8:53 am
I've had this problem on ps3 before actually, however I have not had it on the WII U. Honestly I didn't even know the Wii U had an AV mode. Considering the fact that the machines interfaces are different I cant be of any assistance, this posts probably old as hell anyways.

Sorry I couldn't help ya, if your still having this problem though I'm sure theres probably a solution for it somewhere online or in the booklet that comes with the system
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